Team - 360° Digital Marketing Agency in Saudi Arabia
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Meet the squad team! We are a team of business professionals and digital marketing specialists who genuinely care about one another, our clients, and results.

Managing Director

Shanawaz Ali

Shanawaz Ali is a partner in several digital ventures and a consultant to companies and organizations in Saudia Arabia and around the world in the field of digital marketing and advertising as well as he is experienced in the BPO world too.


Managing Director

Sajjad Moin

Sajjad Moin works diligently to plan, implement and optimize strategic and multi-dimensional digital campaigns and strategies for GrowthXperts clients as part of our digital team.


Digital Marketing Head

Haleema Ihsan

Haleema Ihsan works alongside the digital marketing team on vision, strategy execution, and optimization to create successful digital campaigns.


Creative Art Director

Ali Adil

Ali Adil is a creative art director, with 7 years of corporate and ad agency experience. Ali has a wealth of experience producing a variety of ad campaigns for social media and print media both and bringing your expectations to reality. Ali has additional professional photography skills with video editing and retouching.


Senior Graphic Designer

Haris Ijaz

Haris Ijaz has worked for GrowthXperts since 2020 and brings over 1 year of creative knowledge to our clients and beholds some real expertise in social media content creation and he is never short of ideas to amaze us. He is a fast learner and always looking to expand his jaundra. His experience and understanding of the scope of creative implementation are an asset to GrowthXperts clients and their vision.


Senior Content Writer Manager

Laiba Shahid

Laiba Shahid works as the senior content writer manager; she is experienced in search engine optimization and understands how to create content that is beneficial, visually striking, and appropriate. She designs marketing campaigns with the stated goal of ranking high in search engines.

Digital Marketing Associate

Ayesha Niazi

Ayesha Niazi is serving as a Digital Marketing Associate. She creates content, designs campaigns, and manages social media accounts. She coordinates with designers to make adjustments for a better visual impression.


SEO Specialist

Tabassum Zameer

Tabassum is the SEO Specialist at GrowthXperts. Tabassum has a wealth of experience and background in SEO Marketing including working for other companies for a time. Tabassum’s passion for digital marketing shines through his daily work.

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