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Introduction of Cakes and Bakes


Cakes and Bakes is Pakistan’s First ISO-certified bakery. Which is offering varied and innovative goods in acquiescence with national and international superiority and safety standards. They focus on providing their clients highly hospitable and welcoming shopping atmosphere for a pleasant shopping experience each time. Moreover, with an ever-growing branch system in Pakistan and the Middle East, an inheritance of traditional taste and superiority marks Cakes and Bakes as the preferred bakery. In addition to this, from breakfast to last night’s snacks, frozen and ready-to-eat meals to milky goods, cakes to sweets, and munching goods. Cakes and Bakes is serving each household, and each family with a varied range of goods for everybody.


Meanwhile, Cakes and Bakes has an astonishing development story, dating posterior to 1954. At that period, it was only situated in Gulberg Lahore and was called Ajmair Confectioners. Rapidly after that Mr. Riaz Ul Hassan, the present Chief Executive acquired over the procedures, he settled an innovative vision and changed it from a traditional bakery to an increasing bakery chain Cakes and Bakes. Therefore, as an up-to-date bakery chain, not just the products but organization growth is also the only one of the stand-up pillars of Cakes and Bakes. In this regard, they also enable the whole working range to grow over the previous decades. Nowadays, Cakes and Bakes goes digital, attractive shopping experience with ease. Moreover, with only a few clicks, nowadays you can have your favorite bakery goods delivered, fresh and safely at your doorstep.




Cakes and bakes had to face various challenges because of its no significant social media presence and branding. So, Growth Xperts helps them in developing their brand name by promoting them on social media. Moreover, they spend a total amount of PKR 86,861 on advertisements in the month of august whereas the engagement of the customers was 78.2K. in the same way, they spent almost the same amount in the month of September i.e., PKR 89,69,3, and the engagement of the customers was 18.9K.


So, after observing the results, they spend only PKR 57,800 on their advertisement which generates the engagement of the customers i.e., 25.1K. the CPM was the same in the month of august and October whereas the CPM increased in the month of September. In this regard, they need to focus more on their social media platforms and put an effort into branding. Meanwhile, working on social media platforms and branding will also enhance the marketing of the products and their marketing improve as well.


What We Do for Them


By keeping in mind, the above discussion, Cakes, and Bakes have to work more on their digital marketing, online marketing, and branding. In this way, we help in improving the marketing, promotion, and advertisement of their organization so that they can generate more revenues and earn more profits. We are experts in digital marketing like Social Media Management, SEO, and Campaign making. Additionally, we also write Blogs on their products to attract and fascinate the customers which helps them in enhancing their sales. We also help Cakes and Bakes in promoting their products and advertisement through Paid Media Marketing for instance Ad Marketing on Social Media platforms.


The growth Expert team helps Cakes and Bakes in generating revenue and attract customers by doing media buying. We also create appealing designs and creative artwork to fascinate customers. By using social media branding and social media management Growth Expert Helps Cakes and Bakes in generating revenue.


Successful campaigns


Cakes and Bakes had various successful campaigns include that were run by the Growth Xperts team.


  • Bantu – Baray mazay ki eid with Bantu
  • Fresh start Everyday-Healthy breakfast campaign
  • Azadi Trivia-Independence Day campaign
  • Back to school – Munch your lunch
  • New store campaign in Rawalpindi
  • Cricket campaign – England series
  • World Cup – Dil jeetay ga Pakistan


Cakes and Bakes launch various campaigns with the aid of Growth Xperts according to the events, festivals, and occasions in Pakistan. Bantu Campaign was launched on Eid ul Azha, the Bantu character was designed to highlight various products of Cakes and Bakes. To promote Nutrivo products they introduced their breakfast campaign with the name Fresh start every day. Cakes and Bakes also launch campaigns on cricket to attract and fascinate cricket lovers. hey also target school-going students by launching the Back to school-lunch your munch campaign. On Independence Day they launch the patriotic campaign and when they open their new branch, they also attract their customers by doing something different. All the campaigns of Cakes and Bakes are successful.


Stats and Art Work


The artwork of Cakes and Bakes is also very unique and outstanding. GrowthXperts always tries to attract their customers and make eye-catching artwork.

Art Work
raja g
teachers day
fresh everyday
Dessert Day
Dil Jeety ga pakistan
bary mazy ki eid
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