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Introduction to Maven


Maven is a catering service provider that specializes in designing and providing custom menus for events and parties. The company offers and provides state-of-the-art catering services for official and intimate events and has already established a name for itself.


The Challenges


While Maven was already known as a household name it was on a small and very intimate level. Their main mode of promotion was word-of-mouth marketing as they greatly relied on their customers to bring in more customers and to get the word out.


What they needed was a complete social media and marketing plan that would put their business on automation and accelerate it. Due to a lack of a plan, their business was suffering as they could not reach their full potential.


How did GrowthXperts help Maven?


We analyzed their business requirements and needs and formulated an individual team to
work on their business. We made a complete marketing and social media plan to promote
their business and reach out to potential clients. We worked on their branding and designed
promotional campaigns to market their business.


Successful Maven Campaigns


Here are the campaigns that we executed for Maven;


  • My Happy Journey with Maven – Starting from 24th August
  • Special Menu Offers – Starting from 3rd October
  • Shaadi Season with Maven – Starting from 28th October
  • Food Specialties – Starting from 28th November
  • New Year’s Eve Menus – Starting from 28th December


The campaigns were directed toward branding and increasing awareness around the Maven brand. This helped in growing engagement and over the span of three to four months, the campaigns successfully garnered more visitors and customers for the business.


Here is what Maven has to say about us;


“Customers have been really engaged with our campaigns over the past three to four months. Because more customers are accessing our social media pages, more people are aware of our brand. More people are interacting with us on social media and asking about our services. Impressions of our social media activities have grown, and each month, people’s reach and engagement rise. Our company is currently recognized as one of the top caterers in the market.”


Maven Artwork


GrowthXperts put their breath and soul into designing the artwork for Maven and helped bring life to the brand.


Art Work

One Dish
Pink One
One Dish Menu
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