Case Study Of Cakewalk - 360° Digital Marketing Agency in Saudi Arabia
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Introduction of Cakewalk


Cakewalk is the first Pakistani ISO-certified bakery. They are offering diverse and innovative things in acquiescence with national and international advantage and protection standards. Moreover, they focus on delivering their customers a highly hospitable and friendly shopping atmosphere for a pleasing shopping involvement each time.




Cakewalk had to face numerous tasks because of its no important social media presence and branding. Moreover, they need to emphasize more on their social media stages more and put struggle into branding.


What We Do for Them


We help in enlightening the marketing and promotion of their firm so that they can create more revenues and earn extra profits. The GrowthXperts Helps Cakewalk in creating revenue and attracting clients by doing media buying.


Successful campaigns


Cakewalk launch numerous campaigns with the assistance of Growth Xperts according to the festivals, events, and occasions in Pakistan. Christmas Campaign was launched on 4th December. We also ran the UAE National Day Campaign which was started on 27 November. To promote the FIFA World cup, they launch the FIFA World Cup Campaign – A Sweet Goal to Happiness on 23rd November. Cakewalk also launch campaigns on delicious cakes named Signature Cakes – Joy in Every Bite to attract and fascinate cake lovers. hey also target school-going students by launching the Back to school-lunch your munch campaign. Halloween – Spooky Treats This Halloween campaign also ran a Cakewalk to attract the youth. To encourage the minority group, they launch a campaign on 19th October named Diwali – Lighten up this Diwali with Cakewalk.


Stats and Art Work


The artwork of Cakewalk is also exclusive and owing. GrowthXperts always tries to fascinate their clients and make striking artwork.

Art Work
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